NOTE: As of 2005-07-18, Sasktaoon source code has been released and the project is closed. This is a 0.1, source-only release. There is no binary and there are many problems with the project as it stands. That said, we hope that it proves useful. See the release notes for more.
(sass-kuh-toon) — from Cree misaaskwatoomin, saskatoon berry
  • A shrub (Amelanchier alnifolia) of northwest North America, having white flowers and edible dark purple fruit.
  • The fruit of this plant.
  • A city of south-central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River northwest of Regina. Settled in 1883, it is a trade and processing center. Population: 186,058.
  • A coder's text editor for Mac OS X. Features include: user-extensible syntax coloring, regular expression search and replace, run-in-shell, text transforms, a code snippets drawer, HTML pretty-printing, HTML preview, and excellent keyboard control. Based on Smultron by Peter Borg.